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The music industry is in a time of turmoil and rapid change.  Now, more than ever before, musicians and music-related businesses need legal advice in order to succeed.  Morris Music Law is a law firm built around helping our clients navigate and conquer the transforming music industry.

We represent individual artists, bands, independent record labels or publishing companies, and music-related film, TV, web, or new media entities.  Please contact us today to discuss your situation with an experienced music attorney.  We offer a free consultation for all potential clients.

The following are types of legal services that Morris Music Law provides:


Contracts play a critical role in the career of musicians and the success of music-related businesses.  Morris Music Law deals with music contracts every day.  We provide essential legal advice to clients that have been offered a contract, negotiate more favorable terms for our clients, draft custom agreements that protect our clients’ rights and revenue, and assist with preexisting contracts.

Morris Music Law works with the following contracts and we draft custom contracts as well:

  • Personal manager agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Live performance contracts
  • Recording agreements
  • Publishing contracts
  • Producer agreements
  • Mechanical licenses
  • Master use licenses
  • Sample use agreements
  • Work-for-hire contracts
  • Transfer of copyright agreements
  • Collaboration/ songwriter split agreements
  • Business manager agreements
  • Musician employment agreements
  • Merchandise licenses
  • Synchronization licenses
  • Tour sponsorship agreements
  • Product endorsement agreements
  • Composer employment agreements
  • Music supervisor employment agreements
  • Advertising music agreements.


Copyright law creates a property interest for musical compositions and sound recordings.  These property interests enable copyright owners to protect and profit from their music.  Morris Music Law provides essential legal experience and knowledge that helps our clients maximize the potential of their musical copyrights.

  • We help our clients register, transfer, or reclaim their music with the United States Copyright Office.
  • We provide legal advice for copyright issues that impact emerging technological and world markets.
  • We assist our clients with enforcing or defending infringement claims.


Trademarks and service marks help identify the source of a product or service.  For musicians, trademarking their name, band, or logo is essential because it ensures that no one else will use their name, and it allows for merchandising or licensing revenue.  Trademarking for a business protects and promotes valuable good will as well as other important avenues of profit.

  • We counsel clients in name selection, perform trademark searches, and register trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • We draft merchandise or licensing contracts.
  • We assist our clients with defending or enforcing trademark infringement claims.

Rights of Publicity & Privacy

The right of publicity is the right of each individual to control and profit from the commercial value of his or her own identity.  The right of privacy protects the right to be left alone.  In our globalized market and expanding world of social media, understanding and utilizing the rights of publicity and privacy are essential to the success of musicians and music-related businesses.

  • We help to protect or promote the commercial exploitation of our clients’ name (actual or stage), likeness, photographs, biographical facts, and records of performance.
  • We help our clients’ protect their privacy.

Business Associations

Creating or managing a distinct business entity is an invaluable step to protecting assets, procuring investment, and fostering sustainable growth.  Morris Music Law assists our clients with loan-out companies, solo proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, LLCs, general corporations, flexible purpose corporations, benefit corporations, or non-profit corporations.

  • We counsel clients in which type of business entity to form.
  • We complete all necessary government filings.
  • We draft or edit governing documents.
  • We assists with mergers, acquisitions, or conversions.